Contrast life

      The reason why I named this look "Contrast life" because when I shoot this outfit, I wasn't well prepare. I'm on the trip and super busy so I didn't set the outfit or even brought much clothes with me. As the result dress, shoe and location were not perfectly match. Well, life not always goes as plan so I plan to go with what I have instead. 

       This dress is from Topshop, I bought it a big while ago then few months after you see this kind of dress on most of shop display!! I check some out and compare with what I have, no surprise Topshop not disappoint me coz they use quality fabric which compliment this design and woman shape while other brand use differrent fabric. You might find same design with lower price but with different material it won't fit you the same way with the quality one does.

Topshop plum dress,  neon CPS necklace, Michael Kors watch, Aldo shoe

This is what I'm talking about ladies! Quality

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  1. such a pretty dress! topshop definitely doesn't disappoint :)