Cat eyes shades

     Cat eyes shade is back again this spring/summer 2012. Now, It's time to choose one for my up coming holiday in Thailand. Tough decision huh?!


The story.

I have been working as Emirates stewardess for 4 years, live in Dubai and fly all over the world on Airbus380. My life is about 2 things, travel and fashion. I love to dressing up and shopping, most of girls do I believe. 

Now, I start to do thing that I really love and passionate on. I started my own jewelry brand. It came from the idea that when I dress up and try to find jewelry I like, I found out most items I fell in love with are pricey. Most of beautiful good quality jewelry and accessories, prices are superb. I would love to have something classy and stylish with a reasonable price tag.

Here I am Alice&Leon, jewelry design that my fiance and I created along with professional work with my team. The design that is created from quality material with a sense of style.