Simple black dress in gloden era

   I'm pretty sure that every girls have black dress in their closet. It's something simple sexy and never go out of date. There is many way to make your black dress look more gorgeous, here I'll show you one. 
Long sleeve black dress from Zara
         This look would be suitable for going out at night when you don't want much attentiion at your boobs. For me, I found it sexier when you have to imaginate what is hiding inside, not seeing everything at front. I would add on a funky legging if I want to wear it during a day. 

Sexy a bit at the back
Double gold bangle from ASOS
Arrow pink gold ring from House of Harlow1960

YSL arty ring
I love this ring, it can easily go well with any outfit. 

Behide the sence :P
Gold chain necklace from etsy.com

My love affair: Lita spike from Jeffrey Campbell



Pastel pink and sweet jewelry.

         Can't resist pastel trend this ss12?  Then go for it!!

         Today, I go for something sweet. Pastel pink dress with lace finished from Dotti, Aussie brand, which I got it a year ago in Sydney!! Fashion is always come back, a bit of touch up will help your old dress look up to date.  

Dress from Dotti
Flower on the left shouder from Aldo accessories

Pastel bracelets from forever21

Rings from the left: white leaf set, ASOS candy ring,  YSL arty ring

Delicate white leaf set, ring and bracelet from JJ weekend market



My mood, my style.


        People's mood changing everyday and that's a part of fun of dressing up and how the new idea get created. Be yourself, dress your own way. Fashion trends are the guide line to play with, cloth would be boring without it if we repeat same color and pattern everyday.  

       Adapt trend to your personality, lifestyle and your mood on that day and you will know there is so much fun for being yourself!

   American Apperal chiffon tee, Asos pant.  
This outfit can be both work and casual look. 

                                                        Oxidized brass necklace from Topshop

Tetris puzzle bracelet and ring from JJ weekend market, bangkok

Rabbit ring from Asos.com

Micheal Kors oversize gold watch, black-silver chain.

Jeffrey Campbell boots


Sweet Valentine's

 For those who looking for inspiration on Valentine's day, get up and get dress. Make yourself pretty, doesn't matter you got a hot date or not. More importantly is how you feel about yourself. Everyone deserve sweet Valentine's, make one your own.

Deep violet pant-skirt from JJ weekend market, Bangkok

Gold bangles and pastel candy ring from ASOS.com

Heels from H&M

" Happy Valentine's Day "


Online shopping obsession.

Over last two months, I have been obsessed with online shopping since I have to do the research about online shopping for my current jewelry project. What an excuse!! :P

Some of purchase is worth paying but some are not. One of the best purchase is Jeffrey Campbell from Solestuck.com. I would recommended you to buy from them if you are finding a nice pair of of shoe. I love their service, fast and attention to detail especially packaging.