Crop top + Marni at H&M accesseries

        My attemp to wear crop top in Dubai was a bit exciting. I wear this outfit just for the photo shoot in my neighbourhood. There were workers watching and telling me how to pose which was funny and a bit awkward. After a while, some goverment authority came to me and ask what am I doing, I was scared because I thought they gonna arrest me from what I wear but they were actually try to ask me not to take bad view of Dubai. Phewww.... you never know, you might go to jail here for wearing something too sexy > <"
Wearing yellow crop top from American Apparel

Wearing my DIY duo chains,  Marni at H&M bangle, YSL arty ring 
Marni at H&M necklace and earring


Spring floral

        Whatelse is perfect for spring than flowers? Nothing really! For this spring floral print come back in more graphic and fresh in design. Go bright or go sweet!! 

wearing; H&M floral dress
           Jewelry trend this year is bold and classy. I gave my heart to gold for last year and still have some space for them in particular design, the rest of my heart go to new affair like silver especially vintage one.

Wearing; Silver like necklace from H&M,  Marni at H&M earring

Wearing; Princess B brecelet, my DIY brecelet and YSL arty ring
Location for this look is Dubai mall

View outside Dubai mall

Burj Kalifa, the world tallest building


DIY studs vintage jean

             Last month, I was looking for a perfect ripped jean short studs and found a design I want  at runwaydeamz.com but a pair of jean cost like $140 which made me have a second thought to getting one because last few months, I over spent on my shopping budget and I'm trying to slow down a bit on shopping.

             Then the bright idea came in, why can't I do my own DIY studs jean? Let's give it a try!

2nd hand ripped jean from weekend market, Bangkok

           I bought studs from the material market from Bangkok, not that easy to find though. Hooked studs with jean and then sew the back of pocket with a piece of soft fabric to cover the hook behind. 

 Easily done.

This one is my old pair of jean.
              It's actually very easy if you already have studs then just hook them with jean and cover the other side with soft fabric. Tahh.. dahh my DIY studs jean. Very happy with the outcome.