Easy shopping day at Paddington, Sydney

Started my loving Sydney life with shopping which quite a comfort zone for me. Today, I choose to wear LBD, Little Black Dress, and complete the look with jewelry from Alice Springs Collection, Alice & Leon. This look is quite an eyes catching, I got lot of compliments from shop assistants that I went in to shop. They ask me where I got all these unique jewels set from. Well, I think you know the answer ;)

Wearing Tall Mulla Mulla bracelet, Ayers ring and Alicia rings

Acacia earring in gold. 

Ayers ring with Purple stone in gold


Be ready for Alice & Leon first launch!!

We are now almost ready to show you our unique and inspire jewellery designs. Who are we? What do we do? Here is the answers.

Alice & Leon is inspirational jewelry and accessories label. The collection combines natural and timeless unique design making for a statement pieces. The brand’s designs draw inspiration from places all over the world, geometric shapes and art of nature.  Every Alice & Leon’s collection has an inspiration story behind.

Alice Springs Collection was inspired by Alice Springs, the urban area of Central Australia, dry and surrounding by desert lands. We use natural shapes like rocks, flowers and butterfly shape to create our designs. The collection give feeling of texture and nature, the combination of Aussie nature and modern art design. 

Our product is nickel free, made from brass plating with a quality microns layer of Gold & Ruthenium that prevent metals from oxidation. This will keep your jewelry look beautiful for years. All jewels compliment with Cubic Zirconia stones that enhanced each design and created beautiful unique timeless piece.

Be jeweled, Be inspired.

Alice & Leon

Check out our jewels on www.aliceandleon.com

VDO: Behind the scene Alice Springs shooting


or watch it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_zft4oUrQg


Behind the scene, Alice Spring collection shooting

                Counting down 2 weeks till the brand official website launch. Now, my team and I work hard to prepare for the launch i.e photo shooting, product final quality check, environment friendly packaging, website test run and photo shoot.

                It's the brand first launch so I want this to be best (I always want the best anyway -*-), with  help from my friends who are professional on particular field so I have a handful group of people working with me on the day.

               Can't wait to see all jewels on the website www.aliceandleon.com. Damn sure it will be great! I can feel it :DDD

Start the shoot in the morning, product shot.
We use high resolution for high photo quality so customer can see our jewels clearly in every angle.
It's even clearer than usual eyes can see!
Brainstorm for better result.

@leng_dop He is the director of photography, currently work at Advertising agency,
 He is also best friend of my husband as well ;)

@harley_jane_utah  Our Model, fashion blogger base in Dubai and flying for Emirates airline.
She is also a good friend of mine. 

Sample of our work today

After 13 hrs shooting, everyone is dead tried but happily ended the day with great memory.